Who am I?

Who do I want to become?

Defining yourself as opposed to being defined by others is the toughest challenge you will ever face.


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About the book - Grow Consciously: A Seeker's Guide to Success, Happiness and Freedom

Lack of growth is often the beginning of a disaster waiting to occur.” There is, however, a way to ensure that you find success, happiness, and freedom from the mundane and routine—by learning to Grow Consciously.

Who is the book for?


Those striving to build a business without sidelining their personal goals, health and relationships

Executives & Managers

Men and women who aim for success at work for themselves and their team-mates while being amazing leaders who are fully committed to growth in every other aspect of their lives

College Students

Including graduates and young professionals who want a get clear about their priorities as they start to make their mark on the world

Moms & Dads

Parents who feel responsible for the daily grind but aim to create an conscious plan for their children’s and the family’s future.


Or those in their golden years who want to put aside regrets, make the most of each day, and leave a lasting legacy


Whoever is a sincere seeker, wants rapid progress in his tracks and holds true to the things in life that matter most!

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